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The goal of the South was to exist as an independent nation, so if it didn't defeat the North, but simply got to exist as an independent won. The goal of the North was to conquer the South. If it didn't conquer the South, then it did not accomplish it's goal...therefore it lost. This meaning applied to both the US Civil War & Vietnam War. The North WON in both wars. The South LOST in both wars.

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Q: What does the south could win the war by not losing but the north could win only by winning mean?
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The south could win the war by not losing but the north could win only by winning?

Yes. The South did not declare war, although it fired the first shots - at Fort Sumter, a US garrison in part of a Confederate state The North had to declare war, invade and win.

Did the US Government commit themselves to winning the Vietnam war?

No, the US was committed to not losing, which was entirely different then winning. It was never an attempt at winning a war, just deny the North a victory and prop up the South.

What did the south do for the north after winning?

If this is civil war related, the north won, not the south. And the north freed the slaves in the south.

How did the south benefit from winning the first Battle of Bull Run?

It showed the north the south could fight and win, but also lead to over confidence.

Who was winning the civil war during the Battle of Vicksburg?

The south was winning in the East and the north was winning in the West.

If the US lost the Vietnam war why don't they have communism in their country?

The term "losing the war" only equates to the North Vietnamese Communists winning the war. The North defeated the South (whom the US defended and was allied with). North Vietnam didn't land in the United States and take America over.

What was the winning strategy for the Union in the US Civil War?

Attrition. In the end, the North could simply go on fighting longer than the South could: they had more men; more industry; and more supllies.

How did Vietnam conflict come to an end?

The north drove their tanks into the south's capital, winning the war.

What impact did technology have on causing tension for the south?

If one considers the technology involved in the manufacturing base of the North, then that was a problem the South could not overcome. But they knew that before the war began. Their hopes centered on the North being tired of losing lives over a part of the union that was not a loyal part of it. The question in the North was: If the South does not want to be part of the US, they and their slave society can begone.

Why was the south losing at Gettysburg so detrimental to them?

Gettysburg destroyed Lee's ability to carry out an offensive in the North.

Which partner gets to play the bridge hand after they win the bidding?

The partner who plays (The Declarer) is the one who first mentioned the suit that ends up as the trump suit. Example: South bids 1 Club. North, his partner, responds by bidding 1 Heart. If the final, winning bid is in Clubs, South will play because South was the first one to mention Clubs. North will be the Dummy. If the final, winning bid is in Hearts, North will play and South will be the Dummy. If the final, winning bid is in No Trump, Diamonds or Clubs, whichever partner mentioned it first is the one who plays.

What was the south plan for winning the war?

To fight their hardest and never give up even though the North had better advantage.