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It made the production of paper currency the sole domain of the US government, and in so doing, stabilized paper money in the United States. Prior to this act, states could issue paper money, as could banks, both public and private. With the massive proliferation of an incredibly huge variety of bank notes, counterfeiters had a field day. The majority of bank notes used in transactions in the first half of the 19th century were likely to be counterfeit. Ironically, some counterfeits were considered to be more safe than genuine bank notes, since many banks issued notes which were un-backed by any sort of specie or deposits. After 1863, bank notes came from a single source and it cut down considerably on counterfeiting. At the very least, the standardization of paper money made it much more easy to spot counterfeit money.

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Q: What effect did the National Currency Act of 1863 have on American currency?
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