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Q: What effect did the cold war have on many Americans?
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How did the cold war effect the US and china's relationship?

the china did't wan't the cold war to effect them so they fought to stop the cold war

Did any Americans die during the Cold War?

The cold war was not a war; it was a military stand-off (no war). Americans died to operational causes (accidents).

How did world war 1 effect Japanese Americans?

took homes. and many people.:)

How did yalta set up the cold war?

It did not effect the cold war in anyway

How did the cold war effect th space race?

how was the cold war and its effect on the space race please give me a correct answer

Why did the Americans involove in the Vietnam war?

Part of the cold war.

Did you fight native Americans in the cold war?


What did Americans learn from the cold war?

no ans

How did Americans live during the cold war?

the Americans thought the Russian emeny were weak but they were proven wrong because the Russians beat them in the cold war

Did the Six Day War have anything to do with the Cold War?

Tangentially. Like many wars that took place during the Cold War, the Americans and the Soviets tended to take sides. While the Americans sat neutral in this particular war, the Soviets lent military and economic aid to the Arab countries.

Was Korean War part of the cold war?

Yes, it was the first military conflict of the Cold War.

Should Americans be proud or ashamed of the Cold War?

Americans should be proud of being involved in the Cold War. It led to many scientific advancements, the Soviet Union breaking up, and some countries not becoming communist. The Cold War was the result of a mutual fear between the world super powers the US and the USSR. The US did not provoke a war with the USSR. Certainly, this was the result of good US leadership. Americans are glad there was no war with the USSR.