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England is not a self governing nation but is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland usually abbreviated as U.K., but in some mainly European countries it is a common mistake for people to refer to "England" when they really mean "the U.K." and to refer to "the English" people when they really mean "the British people" . But while other countries in the U.K. have their own governing Assemblies in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, England has no such Assembly other than the United Kingdom Parliament in Westminster, London.

With that understood, the Constitution of England and the Constitution of the U.K. is not contained in any single document but has evolved over time partly by statute, partly by common law and partly by convention.

The U.K. (not just England) is a Constitutional Monarchy governed by Ministers of the Crown in the name of the Sovereign (currently Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II).

The organs of government are :-

1. The Legislature, comprises U.K. Parliament in Westminster London which is made up of the House of Lords (Upper House) and House of Commons (Lower House

2. The Executive. comprises HM government, Prime Minister Cabinet and other ministers, government departments and Local Authorities comprising County Councils, District Councils and City or borough Councils

3. The Judiciary , consists of Law Courts and Offices which pronounce the Law of England (as well as Law of Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) and they enforce the Law in each country in the U.K.

Parliamentary Democracy.

It has a constitutional monarchy.

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The form of government in England is known as a Constitutional Monarchy. Laws are made by Parliament. The monarch has no actual authority.

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Q: What form of government is England?
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ok i do this answer in my class and me class get answer monarchy

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the form of government England established during the glorious revolution was a constitutional monarchy. which means the powers of the ruler are restricted by the constitution and the laws of the country.