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the right to use public facilities.

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Q: What freedom did did the civil rights act of 1875 grant patrons?
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What president was first to be faced with impeachment charges because of his work to grant rights to those who had been slaves before the civil war?

President Andrew Johnson.

The civil war hero who was elected president in 1868?

The president during the Civil War was Abraham Lincoln.

What right can't be taken away?

There are not any rights that can be taken away. Rights, natural rights as distinguished from civil rights or statutory rights, are inherent in people and not preexist governments therefore governments can not grant those rights, then governments can take those rights away. When it appears that governments do, that appearance lacks the proper perspective. When governments take away the natural rights of people they did so because those people surrendered their rights. The tapestry of freedom has long since been stained with the blood of those across the world, through out history who dared stand tall and defend their rights. Untold millions of people throughout history as do today, living in substandard conditions in some prison because they dared to stand tall and fight for freedom. For those people, despite the governments best efforts, no rights were taken away, only disparaged, abrogated and derogated, but never taken away.

What general became president after the civil war?

Grant was the famous Civil War general who went on to become President.

What are rights that are not granted by the government but are natural?

Nature does not grant rights to anyone or anything. Any rights an individual may enjoy are given by local or international agreements.

Related questions

What freedom did the civil rights act 1875 grant black patrons?

the right to use public facilities.

What effect did the civil rights act of 1875 grant black patrons?

it allowed black patrons the right to use public facilities

What freedome did the civil rights of 1875 grant black patrons?

the right to use public facilities.

Why did president grant want the enforcement acts of 1870 to accomplish?

Full civil rights for African Americans..

What are the strengths and weaknesses of democracy in civil rights?

The strngths and weaknesses are defined irrationally. Although they do grant Personal civil liberties to minority groups they are defined lightly. some people feel as if in lamesn terms they give too much freedom.

What did president grant to help protect African American civil rights?

enforcement acts

What has the author Gail Milissa Grant written?

Gail Milissa Grant has written: 'At the elbows of my elders' -- subject(s): History, African Americans, Race relations, Civil rights, Civil rights movements, Biography, Family, African American families

What was most committed to promoting and protecting the civil rights of African Americans?

Ulysses S. Grant

Which law did president grant support to help African American civil rights?

Enforcement acts

What did Ulysses S. Grant want to accomplish while in office?

He established the civil rights act

Which law did President Grant support to help protectAfrican-American civil rights?

Enforcement Acts

What did president grant want the enforcement acts of 1870 and 1871 to?

Full civil rights for African Americans..