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The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

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Q: What gave president Johnson the power to commit troops to Vietnam without asking congress for the declaration of war?
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Who gave President Johnson the right for the US to engage in war with Vietnam?

The Congress of the United States authorized Johnson to use "military force" in order to defend Vietnam. This was done with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. It was not a formal declaration of war.

How was president able to use force in Vietnam without a declaration?

The president was able to use force in Vietnam without a declaration due to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. This resolution, passed by Congress in 1964, granted President Lyndon B. Johnson authority to take any necessary measures to repel armed attacks against U.S. forces and to prevent further aggression. This effectively gave the president the power to escalate military involvement in Vietnam without an official declaration of war.

How were President Lyndon Johonson and the Congress different in their goals?

Johnson wanted their support for his Vietnam War Policy.

How did the Gulf of Ton-kin Resolution affect President Lyndon B Johnson's ability to fight communism in South Vietnam?

The resolution allowed President Johnson to commit more troops to South Vietnam without the approval of Congress.

Did the congress ever pass anything that allowed the president to take any military action in Vietnam?

Yes. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorized President Johnson to escalate the war in Vietnam.

What authorized President Lyndon B. Johnson to take all necessary measures to repel armed attack in Vietnam?


In what resolution of 1964 did Congress give president Johnson a blank check for the war in Vietnam?

The August, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution.

How did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in 1964 affect the powers of the President?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution expanded the powers of the President by giving him the authority to take military action in Vietnam without a formal declaration of war from Congress. This resolution effectively allowed the President to escalate US involvement in the Vietnam War without needing explicit permission from Congress. It is considered a significant expansion of executive power and has been used as a precedent for future military actions without congressional approval.

Who was president during Vietnam?

Johnson and Nixon

President associated with escalation in Vietnam?


Which president did you have in the Vietnam war?

Johnson and Nixon.

What president sent more troops than any other sitting president into Vietnam?

I believe that was Lyndon B. Johnson. America's involvement in Vietnam was limited until he became president. According to Wikipedia, "It was Johnson who began America's direct involvement in the ground war in Vietnam." See the Related Links below for more information.