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Most communist governments own all the businesses and property and the people lease them from the state. However more and more communist nations are dabbling in the free market lately. China still owns most of the businesses in China, but a few small mom and pop operations have been allowed to flourish.

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Q: What government owns all business and property?
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What type of government where the government owns all of the property?

communist or autocracy

Who owns all the property in a communistic government?

the leader

Which type of government owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country?


Which type of government owns all property and dominates all prospects of life in a country?


A political system in which the government owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country?


What are propery rights all about?

Property rights are all about detecting whether a resource owned properly or used, and who owns that resource whether it is the government, and so on.

Does a reverse mortgage work for a government loan?

To get a reverse mortgage, ALL of the following must be true: * The borrower is 62 years old or older * The borrower owns their home outright - No mortgages associated with the property - No home equity loans associated with the property - No home equity lines of credit associated with the property * There are no liens associated with the property All reverse mortgages are government approved as they are defined as a government mortgage product.

What is considered property of a business?

I think that "property" of a business is consider when any or all materials were purchased by the business.

In a capitalist system the government owns property and decides how to use it true or false?

In a state capitalist system, the government owns the main means of production and decides how they are used. In other forms of capitalism, private capitalists do so. But all types of capitalism involve ownership and control by the capitalist class.

A country has a command economy. Which of the following statements applies to it?

The government owns and controls all major industries-apex

Who is the owner of an estate?

An estate can be two things: all the property a living person owns and all the property a person owns at the time of their death. Once a decedent's estate has been probated the heirs-at-law or beneficiaries under the will become the owners of that property.

Economy where government owns all industry?