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the president's clemency powers.

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Q: What has not been a factor in the growth of presidential power?
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Why has there been a growth of the presidential administration over the years?

Why has there been a growth of the presidential administration over the years

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What has been the trend over time with regard to presidential power?

it has steadily increased

How has the presidential power grown over time?

The Presidential power has grown over time given the roles that he has been tasked with to perform both locally and internationally. The President is also required to make certain hard decisions.

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If the expansion of presidential power has occured because of political events and has been fostered by public opinoon under what circumstances might presidential power be limited?

The same circumstances could limit the power as well. The people just need to take back the power from those in charge.

How was the increase of presidential power during wartime been a threat to civil liberties?

It decreased citizens rights

What has caused an increase over time in the president's delegated power?

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