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Decision by the natural courts

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Prime Minister

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Q: What is An elected leader in a parliamentary democracy?
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Which factor is the MOST important to consider when determining whether a government is a presidential democracy or a parliamentary democracy?

In a parliamentary democracy the leader is elected by the parliament. In a presidential democracy the leader is elected by the people.

In what type of system do the elected representatives vote on a leader?

A parliamentary system. Elected representatives in a parliamentary system vote for a leader, such as a prime minister, among themselves. The leader is typically the head of the majority party or coalition in the legislature.

The Prime Minister is the leader of what form of?

Parliamentary Democracy.

Who is the leader of the parliamentary democracy?

The prime minister.

What is the difference between a parliamentary democracy and presidential democracy?

They both have different rights to be elected and have the right to vote.

Can you show me a sentence using the term parliamentary democracy?

the people elected the Parliament for the parliamentary democracy (i know its not the best sentence but its still a sentence using the term)

Is Spain's government elected?

Spains government is a parliamentary democracy so yes.

How does an individual become prime minister in a parliamentary democracy?

The person is elected by voters.

The chief executive is elected separately from the legislature and has independent powers?

A parliamentary democracy

What is a republican parliamentary democracy?

A republican parliamentary democracy means that the power is held by an elected parlament who represents the people of that area.

What form of government is governed by the citizens themselves through elected represenatives?

A parliamentary democracy.

Which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?

It is a parliamentary democracy.