What is a bill of retainer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The bill of attainder is an act by legislature declaring a person of a group of people guilty of a crime with out benefit of a trial

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Q: What is a bill of retainer?
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Can an attorney charge two retainer fees?

Generally, unless the fees are excessive, attorneys are free to charge as much or as little as they want, and do so with whatever fee schedule they want. If the client does not like the billing method, they can hire a different attorney. It is common for attorneys to charge a set retainer that they bill against. Once that retainer has been used, they would then ask that the retainer be replenished.

How will a retainer work?

See, What will a retainer do.

Is the retainer fee deducted from the total bill?

This accounting practice varies from firm to firm and lawyer to lawyer. Some do and some do not there is no definitive answer.

What do you need to know about getting a retainer?

* It does not hurt to get a retainer * Before you get it, they have to make impressions of your mouth which is not painful at all * You need to brush your retainer at night * The retainer covers your top teeth put has a wire in front of your incisors(top teeth) * You get to choose the design/color of your retainer

What is a retainer used for?

A retainer is used for straiting your teeth if its messed up.

If you neglected to wear your retainer for a while and now your teeth are out of alignment with your retainer then if you wear your retainer nightly then will your teeth be forced back into shape?

You'd probably break the retainer, another pair would be best.

What are the Three types of retainers?

Loop retainer Hard cast Fixed retainer

If you are a current client do you have to pay your attorney a retainer for new work?

If your current retainer does not have suffiecient credit remaining, the attorney may ask for an additional retainer

How do you get your parents to get you a retainer even if you dont need one?

You can't, any qualified dentist will not fit you with a retainer if a retainer is not needed. If they did so they could be sued.

What happens if you have a cavity filled and have a retainer will the retainer still fit properly?

Yes, the retainer will still fit properly. The filling fills a hole on the inside of the tooth, and the retainer covers the outside of the teeth so the cavity is not affected.

If you have a retainer in a piercing can it get infected?

If you don't clean it and if you're using an acrylic retainer, yes. To prevent infection clean it as you normally would and use a glass retainer.

If your teeth move slightly will the retainer move them back?

No. The retainer is used to keep the teeth in place, not move them. The retainer will probably just not fit as well now.