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If your current retainer does not have suffiecient credit remaining, the attorney may ask for an additional retainer

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If a client drops a lawsuit is the lawyer still entitled to fees?

Generally the attorney will be allowed to keep any retainer and bill the client for a fair amount based upon the work that has already been done. If the suit was taken on a contingency basis and the plaintiff/client drops the suit the attorney can still bill the client for the amount stated in the terms of the contractual agreement.

How will a retainer work?

See, What will a retainer do.

What has the author Andrew H Ralston written?

Andrew H. Ralston has written: 'Work product limited immunity and the attorney-client privilege' -- subject(s): Confidential communications, Lawyers, Attorney and client

How does someone go about getting a federal attorney?

Attorneys who work for the federal government only have one client and that client is the government. Federal attorneys are lawyers for the government. A regular united states citizen cannot be represent by a federal attorney.

What ways can a lawyer charge their clients for their service?

An attorney can charge a client hourly meaning they charge for each hour they work on the case. They can ask for a retainer fee which is a lump sum that goes into an account that the attorney bills for each hour worked. An attorney may charge one flat fee for their service. Another form of payment is called contingent fee. A lawyer in this case only charges if the case is successfully resolved.

My brothers wife has filed for a divorce with an attorney. She does not work but is capable of working. My brother has no money to pay an attorney ($2,000) retainer fee. What can he do to obtain an attorney that will help him ?

Contact your local temporary employment agency. Many times if you start a job through the agency and work for a couple days or weeks (depending on the company), they will hire you outright.

Can you see any reason why such information should not be made available to the opposing attorney?

The reason attorney work product cannot be shared is that it contains discussions about the attorney's strategy and legal reasoning as he or she prepares the case. While evidence and information is objective, attorney work product is subjective and provides the key reasoning and logic, as well as attorney-client confidential information that should never be shared, with others. Providing this would give the other side every last thought and belief an attorney and his or her client have. While discovery provides clues about what a strategy may be and what an attorney may argue, attorney work product reveals far too much about everything a client and his or her attorney have been thinking about and look at. It goes beyond what discovery is meant to do and essentially helps the other side learn exactly how to defeat the opponent.

How does privileged communication differ from confindentiality?

Attorney client privilege is part of evidence law that states a court cannot compel an attorney to testify in court regarding communications he had with a client. It applies only to communications between attorney and client, or with their agents. If others heard the communication, it is not considered privileged. Duty of confidentiality is an ethical duty of lawyers to keep all things relating to a client's case confidential, including communications with a client, communications with other individuals regarding the case, and attorney work product. If a lawyer reveals confidential information, he or she may be subject to state bar disciplinary proceedings. Confidential information is not necessarily protected by attorney client privilege. A lawyer could be compelled to testify in court regarding communications he had with another individual regarding a client's case, if that individual was not his client.

What is an annual retainer fee?

An annual retainer fee is the cost for a commitment to have services available if they become needed. The annual retainer fee typically refers to legal services. Charges for work done is in addition to the retainer.

How much money does the Suffolk County New York district attorney make?

The current Suffolk County District Attorney earns in the realm of $106,000 per year. Upon acceptance, the Suffolk District Attorney has to commit to work three years on the job. The current Suffolk County District Attorney is Thomas Spota.

Why do lawyers charge a retainer?

Lawyers and other service professionals usually charge retainers as a form of protecting themselves against clients who might end up not paying. So by asking for a retainer, a part of the work is covered, if the client does not pay the rest for some reason, at least it was not a total waste of time for the lawyer.

Do I need to pay a retainer to secure a probate attorney for my mother?

Some will want some money up front. If you look around though you may find one that will just work for a portion of the inheritance.

The Importance of Reading Lawyer Reviews?

Reading lawyer reviews can be the single greatest way to hire a great attorney for one's own case. One should never assume that all attorneys are alike, when searching for the perfect attorney to hire. The truth is that every attorney is different. Some attorneys are great at what they do, while other attorneys seek to take money from people and are not quite as skilled. Some attorneys are simply in it for the money, while other attorney genuinely have a concern for clients and want to help them. The latter type of attorney is the type one should seek to hire for one's case. By reading lawyer reviews, one can get a sense of an attorney's work ethic. When reading a review, a person should see whether or not a client mentions the availability of the attorney. What was the availability of the attorney like? How often did the attorney return phone calls or emails to the client, when the client needed the attorney most? By seeing the availability of an attorney and getting a sense of it, a person can get a sense of how much attorneys value the client. Also, a review will likely discuss how skilled the attorney actually is. One does not want to hire an attorney that may seem skilled, but turns out to lack thorough knowledge of state law or the issues governing a case. All too often, clients can be wooed by an attorney's prestigious law school attendance. However, just because an attorney may have attended Yale or Harvard does not mean that attorney works hard and will do a great job for the client. A client needs to hear from other clients through attorney reviews, what an attorney's work ethic really was like. Only by reading a review will a client be able to tell whether the attorney has an good work ethic. One more practical thing a person can learn from reading lawyer reviews is the way in which the lawyer bills clients. Does the lawyer end up overcharging clients with unnecessary fees? If so, this is the sort of lawyer any client should stay away from. Or, does the attorney truly work hard for the high sums of money he or she makes? If an attorney works hard, then he or she likely deserves to be paid well. These are just some key things to keep in mind when reading lawyer reviews.

Finding the Right Attorney of Law?

When it comes to finding an attorney, many people can become very stressed out. Unfortunately, this process often leads people into paying thousands of dollars for an attorney that may not truly be qualified to handle a certain case. All too often people are so stressed out with their legal situations, that they will hire the first possible attorney that can handle their case. In order to avoid this sort of panic behavior, a person should follow the tips in this article. First off, a person should always make sure that a lawyer charges reasonable fees for his or her services. If one goes to a law firm and sees the prices are too high, then a person should not worry or fret. There is likely a lawyer with a solo practice out there somewhere that can do the same work for half the price. A client should never feel suckered into paying incredible legal fees. Some attorneys may even be willing to work with clients on finding a moderate price to pay for services. If a client explains his or her financial situation to a lawyer, then a good lawyer will find a way to take on a case if the only restriction is one of a financial sort. A person should never feel that trying to negotiate with a lawyer will never work, because often lawyers are willing to take on cases for ridiculously low fees. Many lawyers with solo practices simply want the work that a client can provide, so they are willing to take a reduced fee for their work. The right attorney is also one that treats clients the right way. A client should have a good feeling when he or she works with an attorney. A client should feel that the right attorney is respectful and that the right attorney can truly do his or her best work on that client's case. A client should most importantly be able to trust that an attorney will do everything in his or her power to fight his or her case. Trust is one of the most integral aspects of the attorney and client relationship. It is truly important that a person feel trust has been achieved in a relationship between an attorney and client. Overall, finding the right attorney of law does not have to be difficult if a person simply remembers to follow the tips in this article.

What is a client PC?

what is the fuction of a client Pc The client is a function in a Client/Server on a network. you can be a Client in school or work or at home..

Where can one get a workmans comp attorney?

If you have a current attorney that you work with, ask if they can recommend a workers' comp attorney. There are also a number of professional organizations or state and local bar associations that would be a good area to find an attorney. Finally, ask co-workers and friends if they have any recommendations on a workers' comp attorney.

If you paid the attorney retainer fee for bankruptcy and before filing the bankruptcy laws change can the attorney then increase the total amount to file bankruptcy?

It depends. If the fee was paid and the client did everything they were supposed to do, such as give the attorney all of the documents needed to file the bankruptcy, paid in full before the law change, did not change their contact info without telling the attorney, etc, and the attorney simply failed to get the petition filed, then I believe the client would have a good argument for malpractice to persuade the attorney to do it for the same price as before the law changed. However, if the client failed to provide all of the documentation or do something else he or she needed to do to allow the attorney to prepare the petition, or failed to go to the attorneys office to sign the petition prior to filing, or moved without advising the attorney of where they moved to so the attorney was unable to contact them to hurry and file, etc, then the attorney can adjust his or her fees based on the new climate in which the case will be filed. Certainly since the bankruptcy law changed effective 10/17/05, the amount of work an attorney has to do has increased dramatically. Also, the filing fee the court charges has gone up. Hope this helps! Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts and law, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person. Speak to a lawyer for specific advice. Thanks!

Can a disbarred attorney work for a law firm?

yes, but not as an attorney. he can research and do paralegal work..

Can an attorney hold up a case - or delay it - due to nonpayment by a client in a divorce proceeding?

Yes. You dont think you are entitled to representation when you are not paying for it do you? Do you work for free?

How do you work 508 client?

You download the client and put the 508 cache in C:/ Hardrive, and run the client.

Will remote desktop work with different operating systems?

No, remote desktop is not compatible with other versions of windows, only the current version a client is using.

Is it good to used clear retainer?

Clear retainers work well. However, you may not have the choice of using one. Your orthodontic doctor will determine the best retainer to use on your teeth. If you get a clear retainer be certain to keep it clean as you are instructed to do and keep it in a case with your name and phone number on it in case you lose your retainer.

When can accountants divulge confidential information?

Confidentiality --information known to accounting professionals may not be disclosed to outsiders except when professional work papers are subpoenaed by a court. (Accountants do not have attorney-client privilege.)

How much will a Truck Accident Lawyer charge?

An accident and injury attorney will charge anywhere from 20-40% of your settlement. Many of them work on spec, so if you don't win your case, they don't charge. Still others will charge you a retainer. Good luck!

What is a client system in social work?

The client and those in the clients environment who are potentially influential in contributing to a resolution of the client problems