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what part of a congres bill xeplanes what is in the bill

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Q: What part of a congress bill explains what is in the bill?
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What part part of each house of congress must vote to pass a bill?

Fifty one in the Senate and 218 in the House.

Who had to vote to accept the Bill of Rights in order for it to become part of the US Constitution?

it was the Congress to make it a bill and the President to make it a law

What explains the meaning of the refusal of Congress to convict Johnson?

The power of the Radicals in Congress was waning.

How many amendments were proposed by Congress in 1789 as part of the Bill of Rights?

The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.

Can the president make an announcement to introduce a bill?

The U.S. President cannot introduce a bill, but it is part of his/her job to suggest to Congress what bills are needed.

What does article 1 of the Constitution?

it explains how congress works

What do article 1 of the constitution do?

it explains how congress works

Who may purpose a bill in congress?


Can introduce a bill into Congress?

A Member of Congress

Who must first introduce a bill for it to be considered by congress?

A bill must be introduced in the congress by the members of the congress.

Can the White House propose a bill to congress?

The White House can only suggest that the Congress consider a bill to become a law. However, only a member of Congress is allowed to propose the bill directly to Congress.

How did congress appease the antifederalist?

By making the Bill of Rights.