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it consist the body of legislature executive and judiaciary has the power over the citizens in the state as well as the foreigners within the state.

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Providing basic care for the unemployed, the sick and the elderly.

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Q: What is an example of government as a social institution?
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Which social institution has primary responsibility for preserving order in society?

The Government.

What is the name of the institution that has pressed to bring about social changes for minority groups?


The social institution that relies on a recognized set of procedures for implementing and achieving the goals of a group is called a an?


Family as a social institution?

Family is definitely a social institution. Family is considered a social institution because there are many people who interact with each other in one place.

What is an example of a government agency that uses social marketing?

One government agency that applies social marketing is the U.S. Coast Guard.

Which is considered the most violent social institution?

Sports are considered the most violent social institution.

This is the institution through which the state maintains social order?

The institution through which the state maintains social order is typically the government. The government enforces laws, resolves disputes, and provides services to ensure stability and protect the well-being of its citizens. Additionally, the legal system and law enforcement agencies also play a key role in upholding social order within a society.

What is a distinct social institution?

A distinct social institution refers to a formal group or organization within society that serves a specific purpose and is structured by established norms and rules. Examples include family, education systems, government, and religion, all of which play crucial roles in shaping social behavior and interactions.

What is Definition of Social institution?

institution means to establish customs

What is the central social institution in social justice?


Which is not a social institution?


What are the 4 main types of social institution in Nigeria?

social institution includes religion,family,politics, and economic.