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GSS America: Global Software Solutions America

GSS America is a pioneer in providing Managed IT Services, headquartered at Hyderabad, India. Founded in 1999, GSS operates worldwide through its offices in India, Singapore, Middle East, and the USA.

The company has established itself as a preferred partner for IT services to over 200 Fortune customers worldwide, spanning Telecom, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, HealthCare and Retail and Government organizations. GSS America offers world class services propelled by industry experts and a vast pool of professionally qualified work force operating across the globe.

Forbes' list of Asia's 200 Best Under $1 Billion Companies in 2009

"Best Small Cap" in "Asia's Best Managed Companies" by Finance Asia in 2008.

GSS America provides customized and cost-effective solutions to customers with unmatched excellence. GSS America is one of the fastest growing Managed IT Services provider, offering solutions to power Small and Medium Businesses across the globe.

GSS offers innovative solutions at committed quality and optimal cost leveraging Technology, Thought Leadership and Global Services Delivery model. GSS, with its demonstrated excellence in Remote Infrastructure Management Services, Virtualization solutions and Application Management Services, is a partner of choice for Infrastructure optimization solutions.

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Q: What is full form of GSS America?
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