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Each branch of the US government has a specified power to watch over the other 2 branches to keep one branch from becoming too powerful.

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Q: What is meant by the trem checks and balances?
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What is meant by the system of 'checks and balances'?

The United States employs a system of checks and balances. There is a balance of power among the three branches, which have checks in place to ensure that all three branches work together.

What is the system by which each branch of government could delay or stop an action taken by one of the other branches?

checks and balancesIt is a system of checks and balances.

What is meant by separation of powers checks and balances?

The separation of powers, is a model for the governance of both democratic & federative states. They can both separate and "checks and balances" is Competition and mutual restraint among the branches of the government.

Use checks and balances in a sentences?

Example sentence for the noun phrase 'checks and balances':The government uses checks and balances to separate the responsibilities of departments.

Controls given to one branch of government to limit the power of another branch are known as what?

Checks and balances!Add me on myspace AmandaAmor!

What keeps any one branch of government from gaining to much power?

checks and balances

What are synonyms of checks and balances?

The synonym of checks and balances is equal. Because it prevents the branches of becoming too powerful .

How do checks and balances limit majority rule?

The checks and balances can limit power by not picking an electoral

What is the reason for Checks and Balances?

Checks and balances allow the branches of government to equalize power. Without checks and balances, one branch of government could become too powerful.

What is meant by the us system of checks and balances?

The different branches of government have ways to prevent other branches from getting to much power.

Why is checks and balances important?

Checks and balances was created so no branch of government would become to powerful.

What stops one branch of government form being to powerfull?

checks and balances and separation of powers