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Q: What is self government especially of domestic affairs?
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What is self government of domestic affairs two words 4 letters each?

Home Rule

What country governs Greenland?

Greenland is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. While Greenland has its own government responsible for domestic affairs, Denmark handles foreign policy, defense, and security.

Local self government in urban areas in India?

local self government is the management of local affairs by such local bodies who have been elected by the political thinker and administrators of all ages.

Who is in charge of Tibetan affairs in China?

People's Congress and People's Government of Tibetan Autonomous Region are in charge of Tibetan affairs. It realized the self-government and giving minorities the autonomy to handle local and internal affairs based on the principle of equality among nationalities and under the leadership of Central People's Government.

Why are the Aboriginal peoples of Canada working towards self government?

the aboriginal peoples of Canada working toward self-government is they can regain control over decisions that affect them and manage their own affairs.

What type of government does the cayman islands have?

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory and one of the last non self governing territories. There is a 15 seat legislative assembly elected by the people every four years for domestic affairs. The Governor allows the country to be run by the Cabinet

Greenland is considered part of North America Which country claims Greenland?

Greenland is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark claims sovereignty over Greenland, but the territory has its own government responsible for most domestic affairs under the 2009 Act on Self-Government.

what are local government and self-local government?

• The Local Government administers the locality wherein the officials are appointed by the State. They are entitled to a salary. The officials included are Patwari, District Magistrate, The Tehsildar, The Deputy Collector, etc. • The Local Self-Government manages the local affairs of the natives of the area through representatives or by itself. It is considered a democratic body in the real sense. It consists of Municipal Councilor, Sarpanch the Gram Pradhan, etc. • Local Govt is a small and lower-scale institution, with limited authority, the lake of decision making, answerable to the central government. While Local Self Govt is free in decision making and decentralized, on the upper level of local government. • Local Self-Government refers to the “management of local affairs by the natives of the area itself or their representatives.” Local Self-Government is a “democratic government”. Local Government means, “administration of a locality by officials appointed by the government.

What is a self-government?

Self-government is a government which is governed by itself. It is self controlling.

What is a self- government?

Self-government is a government which is governed by itself. It is self controlling.

Why is self government important to first nations?

it is important to the first nations because they want to have control over their own affairs. To have the rights that every other cultural person has

What does autonomy mean does autonomy mean when referring to government?

Self government