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they were self governed then had a representitive government

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Q: What types of governments did the Middle Colonies have?
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What are three types of colonies?

Middle Colonies New England Colonies Southern Colonies

What types of colonies were the thirteen original colonies?

There was the New England Colonies middle colonies and the Southern Colonies Hope this helps:)

What types of games did they play in the middle colonies?

the played!

What are the types of town of middle colonies?

market town is one

What types of people settled in the MiddleColonies?

why were the middle colonies founded

What were the economic endeavors of the middle colonies?

Shipbuilding, fishing and small manufacturing services were the main types of economic endeavors that took place during the Middle Colonies. Agriculture was also important to the economics of the middle Colonies.

Which region was known as the breadbasket colonies?

The Middle Colonies: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware.

What is the slogan for the middle colonies?

The middle colonies are in the middle of awesomeness!

Were the middle colonies royal colonies?

Yes, the middle colonies are proprietary colonies.

What were the the jobs in the middle colonies?

Some jobs in the Middle Colonies were as follows:farmingglass blowingsilver smithingtailoringbrick makingironworkingfur trappingsoap makingalso various other types of artisans

What types of meat did the middle colonies hunt?

They ate wild turkey fish bear and venison

In what ways did the colonies have representative governments and in what ways were the governments not representative?

Some colonies didn't chose to have a representative government, others did.