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Q: What is the name for level of local government that includes several population centers or a mixture of urban and rural districts and is common in New England?
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What factors shaped the development of the 13 colonies?

Early Americans wanted freedom of religion and liberty. They wanted elected government officials that local people elected. The colonies were made as local districts where the population in the areas could be represented in the government independent from England.

What is the type of govrnmet in England?

The United Kingdom (which includes England) has a Parliamentary Democracy government.

Where are the red light districts in England?

Red light districts are areas known for adult entertainment and prostitution. While not officially designated, some cities in England, like Soho in London, and Holbeck in Leeds, are known for having red light districts. It is important to remember that engaging in prostitution is illegal in England and can lead to criminal charges.

What are local districts in England called?

You could be referring to counties or boroughs.

What are 4 districts of UK?

England Scotland Wales Ireland (Northern)

What is England's second largest county?

Lincolnshire (by area) or West Midlands (by population, includes Birmingham)

What is New England's government today?

New England doesn't have it's own government. New England is just a region of the United States that includes New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, that area.

What is the smallest state in England?

The smallest county with multiple districts is Tyne and Wear

The percentage of french are in England?

about 250,000 French are said to live in England according to the government social security website for expats (link). This is about 0.38% of the population of France (65,400,000)

What was the population of England in 1841?

The population of England in 1841 was approximately 15 million people.

What is the population of Church of England?

The population of Church of England is 25,000,000.

What is Church of England's population?

Church of England's population is 944,000.