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It of course depends on the sites you wish to visit and the route you take (i.e. where you start and finish), but to do a generalized circle around the major mall landmarks (Lincoln Memorial, White House gate, Capitol Building and Monument), finishing up where you started, you're looking at about 6 miles of walking to complete the circle. My trip was 7.5 miles of walking, but I also walked across the bridge to Arlington Cemetery in addition to the above.

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Q: What is the walking distance around the national mall?
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What is the distance of one lap around the Mall of America?

One lap around the Mall of America is .57 miles

Is the mall of America located in Minnesota?

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What is the distance between the Lincoln Memorial and the capital?

The walking distance from the fountain on the West side of the Capitol Building to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, walking on the North side of the pebbled path of the National Mall, and taking the outter paths of the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial, it is 2.31 miles.

Where is the national mall located?

The national mall is located in Washington, DC. National mall is known for museums, landmarks. National mall is one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

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What is the distance between White House and Washington monument?

The Washington Monument is 1.2 miles west of the U.S. Capitol Building. The Washington Monument is located in about the middle of the National Mall, and the Capitol Building is at the Mall's eastern end.

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