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Q: What is your Opinion regarding policy making in the Phil?
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How tall is Phil Rudd?

5 feet exactly

Who where John Tylers kids?

Phil bob joe and ricky boob

What are the differences between the US Constitution and the Wyoming constitution?

The Wyoming constitution is created to govern the state of Wyoming while the US constitution deals with national issues. As such, state laws like those stipulated in the Wyoming constitution are only applicable where they don't conflict with the US constitution and not vice versa.

Who advises the governor on all legal issues of the state?

Typically a chief executive has a counsel to his office, and a counsel to him personally. The Attorney General is considered the highest law-enforcement authority of the State, and sometimes legal opinions are sought from this office. The Solicitor General acts to advocate on behalf of the government before the Court. Finally, in some matters of governance by the Governor, the State Supreme Court may speak as to the validity of acts or omissions made by the office, usually where they are purportedly violative of the State Constitution or the U.S. Constitution.

Are there interesting facts about William Penn?

- When he was made Proprietor of his colony, William Penn became the largest landowner in the world.- In an effort to promote peaceful solutions to world conflicts He proposed a council that would be made up of delegates from all of the nations of Europe.- Although being the son of the head of the British Navy he chose to devote his life to peace and pacifism.- During his lifetime not a single treaty that he had made with the Native tribes were ever broken.- His city of "Brotherly Love" (or Phil-Adelphia), was the first planned, and surveyed city in the western hemisphere.!

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