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- When he was made Proprietor of his colony, William Penn became the largest landowner in the world.

- In an effort to promote peaceful solutions to world conflicts He proposed a council that would be made up of delegates from all of the nations of Europe.

- Although being the son of the head of the British Navy he chose to devote his life to peace and pacifism.

- During his lifetime not a single treaty that he had made with the Native tribes were ever broken.

- His city of "Brotherly Love" (or Phil-Adelphia), was the first planned, and surveyed city in the western hemisphere.


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* Founder and "Absolute Proprietor" of the Province of Pennsylvania

* Later become a Quaker despite the dangers

* Supporter of colonial unification * Born: October 14, 1644 in London England * Died: July 30, 1718 (aged 73) in Berkshire, England

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Q: Are there interesting facts about William Penn?
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