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Q: What lead by John Winthrop became a theocracy?
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What group John Winthrop led?

john Winthrop lead in the way 2 Massachusetts

Who was the leader of Boston settlement?

I believe the group of Puritans that settled Boston was led by John Winthrop.

What colony did john winthrop lead and what were some of the common beliefs found there?

John Winthrop lead a large migration of Puritans. This started in England and the beliefs were strict.

Did John Winthrop lead the Puritans?

Yes, John Winthrop lead the Puritans. He lead them to The new world know as today Massachusetts. The puritans broke away from the Church of England similar to the Pilgrims.

Did John Winthrop lead?

John Winthrop led a large group of settlers from England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. He also served several terms as the Governor of the Colony.

Which group of people did John Winthrop lead to Salem Massachusetts in 1630?

the puritans

Who did jhon winthrop lead?

John Winthrop was a leader of Puritans, person who had emigrated from England because they were facing persecution from the Church of England. Winthrop was key in founding the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was the second major settlement in New England (the first being Plymouth).

Why did John Withrop settled Massachusetts settlement?

John Winthrop was the leader of a group of englishmen called Puritans. He set up Massachusets to practice a new religion. But three people named Anne Hutchinson, Thomas Hooker, and Roger Williams split from the colony because they disagreed with Winthrop's ideas for the church. Anne Hutchinson founded the colony of Portsmouth, RI. Thomas Hooker founded the colony of Providence, RI. Roger Williams founded Conneticut colony. Hope this answers it :-)

The name of the singers in story of the year?

When they were Big Blue Monkey the lead vocalist was John Taylor, when they became Story of the Year Dan Marsala became the lead vocalist.

How is the ruler in a theocracy chosen?

In theocracy a deity is considered the civil ruler. This ruler is believed to be chosen by God himself to lead the people and this claim is reinforced by the clergy.

What are the two types of liberty according to John Winthrop and What are the differences between the two?

John Winthrop identified two types of liberty: natural liberty and civil liberty. Natural liberty refers to the freedom individuals have in a state of nature, while civil liberty is the freedom individuals have within a civil society governed by laws and regulations. The key difference is that natural liberty is unrestricted and can lead to chaos, while civil liberty is regulated to ensure order and protection of individual rights.

What did the founders of Massachusetts bay mean when they said their colony was a City on a hill?

John Winthrop and his followers were very religious. Their denomination was called "Puritans," because they wanted to purify Christianity from what they believed were errors in doctrine and practice. Winthrop envisioned a Christian theocracy, a government run by religion, where religious values (faith and piety, hard work, avoidance of sin) would create what he believed to be an ideal place to live and work. This place would be a shining example to others coming to the New World, a "city on the hill" that others could look up to and emulate. Of course, it turned out that many colonists found the Puritans harsh and judgmental, and they left the colony. But Winthrop did not expect that to occur-- he sincerely believed a Christian colony where Puritanism ruled would lead to only good things.