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Q: What might have been Shakespeare's reason for telling us the outcome of the play in the Prologue before the action begins?
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What is the action that takes place prior to the telling of the story?


What is a specific outcome or type of outcome?

A specific outcome is the result of a particular action or event. The outcome of an action would vary greatly depending on the specific action.

Why was it interesting for Shakespeares audience in reomeo and Juliet?

because there was hot action.

What is certain outcome?

certain outcome is a reasult of an action or event that is certain to happen.

A device used in literature to present action that occurred before the beginning of the story?


What was an outcome of affirmative action?

reverse discrimination

What is the rising action in the prologue of romeo and Juliet?

The term "rising action" is a term which only has application to a critical device called Freytag's Pyramid, in which it refers to the action in Act 2 of a typical five-act play, and by "typical" I here mean a Shakespearean Tragedy, since the Freytag Pyramid doesn't always fit the histories and comedies. Since the Prologue of Romeo and Juliet is not a five-act play (it is in fact a sonnet), the Freytag Pyramid and therefore the term "rising action" cannot apply to it. You could probably see that coming when you heard it was a prologue, since there is never any action of any kind in a Prologue (if there were, it would be an "Induction", as in The Taming of the Shrew).

Who were the customers who stood around the stage in shakespeares theatre?

The groundlings. They also get the closest view of the action, and get spit on by the actors.

What was an unintended outcome of affirmative action?

reverse discrimination

Another word that means the same as outcome?

OUTCOME - the result or consequence of an action. e.g. If someone were to rob the bank, the outcome could be no money for its customers, or the outcome could be the robber going to jail.

What is an action arrow?

its is the arrow that show u the way the action goes

What is the theme of porologue?

Do you mean "prologue?" A prologue is an introduction to a a book that is not a part of the book proper. Normally, it sets up the action that is to take place in the book. It's complement is the epilogue which ties up loose ends at the end of a book.