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Q: What most accurately explains the role played by debates over popular sovereignty in causing the Civil War?
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Is it true that In the Lincoln Douglas debates of 1858 Abraham Lincoln favored popular sovereignty?


In what document did Douglas state that people can decide wheter ot not about slavery?

Stephen Douglas's idea of popular sovereignty for the expansion of slavery was not in a document, but rather came out in his debates with Abraham Lincoln.

How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act affect antislavery northerners?

It raised the issue of local voting on the slave question (Popular Sovereignty), which was defended by Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas in his high-profile debates with Lincoln, who was against any extension of slavery. These debates brought Lincoln to public attention for the first time.

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What were the failures of the Lincoln-Douglas debates?

Maybe their lack of live TV coverage? They were well covered by newspapers all over the country and more widely read than similar debates today. Maybe from Lincoln's point of view they failed, since he lost the election, but since his point of view eventually prevailed and Douglas's popular sovereignty position did not work in Kansas, maybe Lincoln did not fail. In short, I am saying that I think the debates were really very successful and I wonder what failures you are looking for.

What did Douglas reply to Lincoln in the Lincoln Douglas debates?

Stephen Douglas believed in popular sovereignty. He said in the debate, "I ask you to reflect on these things, for I tell you that there is a conspiracy to carry this election for the Black Republicans by slander, and not by fair means."

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