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Q: What not a main priority of the US government?
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What was the main priority in the colony of Delaware?

the main priority in delaware is fishing, catching deer, and growing crops.

What is the main priority for a horse?


Why the United States is spending money on the military?

All countries spend money on their military. It is usually the main government funding priority, regardless of which country it is.

The main location of the US government?

Washington DC.

What is the main source of income for the US government?


Where are the main offices of your US government located?


Can employers refuse to let employees to do National Guard Drill?

No, they cannot. You have a duty and contract with the US government, what do you think has priority Thank you for your services Soldier!

What is the main reason that the US government collects taxes?

To get money for the country

What was the US' main goal in Vietnam?

To expel the communists from the country and establish a capitalist government for the countries government.

What city is the main location of the us government?

227 West Main Street, Cambridge City, IN 47327

The main priority of American foreign policy is to .?

protect democracy

What is the main priority of a sales man?

good communication skill