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That office is the presidency - the US president must be a natural born citizen.

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Q: What office in the US government must you be born in the US to hold?
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What government offices can an immigrant hold?

A legal immigrant who has become a U.S. citizen can hold every government office except President. The constitution says the president must be born in the USA. But many immigrants have become mayors, governors, senators, and representatives.

What office mentioned in the constatution must a person be a natural born citizen?

It is the president. The writers want to make sure only native born citizens could hold the office.

Must the boss of a political party hold office?

They do not necessarily hold public office themselves. In fact, most historical bosses did not.

Can a 30-year-old person who became a us citizen at the age of 21 hold the office of president?

No. He/she must be 35 and have been born a citizen.

What is the minimum age one must be to hold a county office?

The minimum age one must be to hold a county office position is 18 years old. This is the age requirement set up by the US Constitution.

A person must be a US citizen by birth to hold the office of?

A person must be a US citizen, by birth, to hold the office of president. President Barack Hussein Obama has avoided many questions about his place of birth.

Who must be 25 years old to hold this office?

A person who runs for the House.

Can an MLA in India hold an office of profit?

No,obviously he must not hold any office of profit which was listed in the POSITIVE LIST FOR OFFICE OF PROFIT.The positive list comprises some organizations,agencies,departments.The MLA should not hold them mentioned there.

What government office must you be 30 years old to qualify for?

the president

How old must you be to hold an office in the executive branch and who is the current chief executive?

35 and the current office holder is George W.Bush.

Can an 80 year old who became a US citezen at the age of 21 hold office of president?

No. The U.S. Constitution specifically states that the President must be a natural born citizen.

Does a US representative have to be born in the US?

Yes. In order to hold any political office of any sort, including both elected AND appointed ones, in any form of government in the US, one must be a US citizen. Non-citizens may be employed by the government, but actual political officeholders must be citizens.