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All ,The Declaration of Independence just declare the 13 colonies independent from New England so winning the war will free the13 colonies!.

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Q: What opportunities for freedom did the Revolutionary War offer?
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What did people get out of the Revolutionary War?


What was Revolutionary War about?

The revolutionary war was a war between the colonists and Britain. The colonists were fighting for freedom, and Britain was trying to stop them from getting that freedom and independence.

What will America win after the Revolutionary War?

After the Revolutionary War America won freedom from Britain.

What war the US got freedom?

the revolutionary war

How did freedom impact the Revolutionary War?

we wanted freedom so we started the revolutionary war to get that. Wow everybody knows that answer. Whoever asked this is stupid

What were the caused the Revolutionary War?

freedom and political and ecomomic conflicts had a BIG play in the revolutionary war.

Revolutionary War Stay laws.?

yes the revolutionary war stayed laws because they wanted to have freedom

Who did the US fight in the war to win freedom?

Revolutionary If you are talking about the Revolutionary War, then the answer would be the British. (Redcoats, Brits, English, United Kingdomites)

Why was the American Revolutionary War fought?

To gain their freedom.

Complete freedom from britain meant this?

Revolutionary War

What did the colonist achieve by winning the revolutionary war?


What did the revolutionary do?

I am a fifth grader at Silver Sage Elementary. We have studied the Revolutionary War. This war is the war that gave us our freedom from the British.