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Q: What part of harriet Tubman's fair deal social programs passed in congress?
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What was a law not passed by congress?

None. This is because to be a "law" it MUST have been passed by congress.,

What happened when president Johnson vetoed ( refused to sign ) radical reconstruction laws?

Congress passed the acts over his veto. (APEX)

What happened when president Johnson vetoed radical reconstruction laws?

congress passed the acts over his veto

A solution passed by both houses of congress is called?

A solution passed by both houses of Congress is called a Joint Resolution.

What is a presidential check of Congress?

A president can veto a bill that is passed by Congress

Where did Harriet Tubman go?

she was last seen in here house where she passed a way

When did Harriet dickens die?

Harriet Dickens, who was Charles Dickens' estranged wife, passed away in 1878.

What tariff legislation was passed by the US Congress in 1930?

In 1930, for example, the U.S. Congress passed the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act.

Under William Taft Congress passed legislation that?

Under William Taft, Congress passed legislation that eliminated business monopolies.

What can the congress do if the president vetoes a law passed by congress?

They can try to override the veto.

What checks does congress have on the powers of the president?

the congress can veto a law the president passed

When did congress first pass the radio regulations?

regulate medium congress passed