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The Virgina Plan was the Plan Presented By Edmund Randolph to the national Government with 3 Branches

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Q: What plan presented by Edmund Randolph proposed a national government with three branches?
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What are the government branches?

The three branches of the federal/national government of the US are executive, legislative, judicial.

How many branches are there in our national government?


What are the characteristics of Virginia plan?

its a 2 house government, created by James Madison, has 3 branches, increases government power, national executive and national judiciary

Is a federal government is the national government of the US?

Correct. National government and federal government can be used interchangeably, representing the three branches of the United States government.

What are the three branches of the American national government?

The executive, judicial, and legislative branches make up our government.

Three branches of national government?

Executive, legislative, and judicial

What is the three branches of the national government?

Legistlative, Judicial, Executive

How Has the national government undermined the division of powers established by the Constitution?

It hasn’t the “national government “ is comprised of the three branches of government. You are asking how it has harmed itself.

What branches did the Articles of Confederation contain?

State and National Government. Did not have an executive or judiciary branch in national.

How many branches of government do you have at the national level?

It depends on which country you mean

What does the separation of powers refers to?

The separation and distribution of the power of the government among the three branches of the national government.

What are the branches of government in Sudan?

federal republic ruled by the national congress party