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Q: What political party wasnt divided over slavery?
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What political party was against slavery?

no it wasnt because the Northern Whigs joined with other opponents of slavery.and the north was against slavery yes they were against slavery the democrats were for it

Only president who wasnt a member of a political party?


How was American slavery different from slavery in other countries?

it wasnt different

Why is it significant about slavery?

the africans were untreated and it really wasnt fair for them.

Why was the emancipation proclamation halfway through the war?

Because the civil was wasnt about slavery.

How are Romeo's fears before the party justified?

it wasnt

Is it an opinion that Lincoln believed there should be no slavery?

yes. He wasnt as opposed to slavery as many people think. He was just interested in conserving the nation.

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Was George Washington democcrat?

No, he wasnt a republican either, he was no party.

What was New York colonial?

it was difficult because of the slavery there wasnt slavery in the northern colonies... anyone that studied the colonies would know that... -Jrskirbybob fadghdfghdfkjtherhtuieruifhdjkfhjksdhfuirhfuihdihdjkhkjdhfiduherjfnsdjkfniudghdfjkhgjkdfhguihgjkhdfjkghjkdfhgihurigfrhdgjkfjkhfuigdsfhgdifhgdfjkhdfuigrhughruighjdhdfuiguigdfhgufdhgdfgjuhduigfhugfhkdfguihugifhdhgjkfhgjf

Why wasnt Bella Thorne invited to zendays birthday party?

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Why in the song they really don't care about us that it says 'if Roosevelt was living he would not let this be?

Because the song is about slavery and racism, and Roosevelt wasnt racist and hated slavery.