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Two US Presidents were impeached but the Senate never confirmed the impeachment charges, and therefore, neither of the two Presidents were removed from office.

President Andrew Johnson, was impeached over violating the "Tenure of Office Act"- Johnson suspended Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, which the Senate was to approve prior to Johnson actually removing Stanton, from the position. The Senate did NOT approve the removal of Stanton, and while the Senate was on recess, Johnson appointed a new Secretary of War. The Senate immediately began trying Johnson for the articles of impeachment, which had already been passed by the House. After a 3 month trial, Johnson's impeachment was not confirmed, and he therefore remained in office as president.

William Jefferson Clinton, was the other US President impeached, while in office. The impeachment charges brought before the House were, Perjury, and Obstruction of Justice. The Senate needed a 2/3s vote to confirm the charges (once Clinton was tried, which he was.), and remove him from office, as President. The Senate's final vote to confirm the impeachment charges were, 45-55, a far cry from a 2/3 vote. Which, resulted in Clinton's ability to serve out the rest of his term, as the President of the United States of America.

Many also think that Nixon was impeached (in fact, many people think that Clinton was NOT impeached, and that Nixon was impeached. This is absolutely incorrect.). Nixon resigned from serving the rest of his second term, as President, after the House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment against him, and reported the articles to the House of Representatives. So, it is likely the House would have voted to impeach President Nixon.

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Q: What president in US History was impeached and why?
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US Presidents impeached?

Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached and both were later acquitted. Richard Nixon almost got impeached but resigned before.

What president was impeached by the house of representatives?

Bill Clinton. (Nixon resigned right before he could be impeached).AnswerTrick question: Asked in the singular, it implies only one president was impeached. In fact two presidents were impeached: Bill Clinton, and Andrew Johnson (Lincoln's Vice-President), who was impeached not once but twice. for A+ it is not removed from officeclass 2010-2011 ;)

Is there a US president who got impeached?

Yes. Two US Presidents were impeached, and another probably would have been, but resigned before the House of Representatives could take action.President Andrew Johnson was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act in 1868; President Bill Clinton was impeached for Obstruction of Justice in 1998. Both men were acquitted after their Senate trials.President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 because he expected to be impeached after the US Supreme Court ordered him to give the Watergate tapes to Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski.

What happens if the president is impeached and convicted?

If a president is convicted of a crime by congress, they are impeached. If congress decides toward it, the president must leave office. However, they can veto it. Two presidents have been impeached. They are Andrew Johnson, and Bill Clinton. Also, Richard Nixon would have been impeached for The Watergate Scandal, but resigned before such happened.

What president was impeached during reconstruction era?

Andrew Johnson was impeached during reconstruction era.

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Who was the second US President to be impeached?

The second President to be impeached was William J. Clinton, in 1998.

Who was president was impeached?

Andrew Johnson was the first US president to be impeached. He was acquitted by the Senate by one vote.Andrew Johnson

Who was the only president to be impeached fully?

Only two Presidents have been impeached in US history, but both were acquitted at their Senate trials, so there has never been a "fully impeached" President, assuming you mean one who was removed from office. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 for violation of the Tenure of Office Act; Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 for obstruction of justice.

Who was the first impeached president?

Andrew Johnson was the first US president to be impeached. He was acquitted by the Senate by one vote.Andrew Johnson

If the President is impeached who serves as the jury?

the US Senate.

Who presides over an impeached trial for the president of the US?

The chief justice of the US presides of the trial if the president is impeached.

Which president was impeached on march 13 1867?

Nobody in the US was impeached on this date. Closest was Andrew Johnson who was impeached on February 24, 1868.

Was Andrew Jackson the first US President to be impeached?

No, someone with a name sounding closer to him was.Andrew Johnson, as Vice President of the United States, succeeded Abraham Lincoln when Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. President Johnson was impeached by the US House of Representative in 1868 but the resolution failed in the Senate by one vote. Still, President Andrew Johnson, a tailor by profession, became the first US President to be impeached.

Who takes office when a us president is impeached?

Nobody. A president continues to serve in office when he is impeached. If he is convicted and removed from office, the vice-president becomes president, same as if the president were to die.

in what year was the first US president Andrew Johnson impeached?


Who became president after abraham lincoln and what was he famous for?

Andrew Johnson. First US President to be impeached.

At What approval rating does a president get impeached?

Impeachment of the President has nothing to do with approval rating. Impeachment is a criminal proceeding against a sitting president. There have been two in US history, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton; both were acquitted.