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Q: What president was mauled by a sheep?
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Which president was mauled by a sheep at age 8?

Bill Clinton.

What is some facts on Bill Clinton?

When he was a child he was mauled by a sheep. He called it the worst beating he ever got. Clinton is the only president to play the saxophone. Clinton appointed more women to cabinet positions than any other president.

What is mauled in a sentence?

the bear mauled the campers

Can you write a sentence for mauled?

The plastic bait was mauled by the mother bear.

Which president was a sheep farmer?


How do you use mauled in a sentence?

The poor, helpless girl was mauled by the big, brown bear.

What part of speech is mauled?

The word mauled is a verb. It is the past tense of the verb maul.

Which president had a pet sheep?

Andrew Johnson

What are president Woodrow Wilson's pets?

a pet sheep

How would you use the word mauled in sentence?

The man who climbed over the fence at the zoo's Lion enclosure was fatally mauled. Also: The enemy came on in such numbers and with such ferocity that our unit was badly mauled.

When did Emmett get mauled by a bear?


What does the cowboy slang 'mauled' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This meant very drunk. You've been mauled by the drink.