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Q: What problems did the new Russian government face?
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What problem did the new federal government face?

One problem that the new federal government faced was that the large population was very hard to manage. The new federal government also had problems with jobs.

What problems did the new government face in the west?

A system of bartering such as exchanging whiskey and other items they produced.

What problems did the us face early on?

Some of the problems Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of the treasury) had to face were that the new government had to pay off their war debts,raising government revenues,and creating a national bank.

What economic problem did new nation face?

They faced multiple problems...though the main ones were national debt,and the arguments over Government power balance.

What problems do immigrants to new countries face?

they face making friends, learning new langwiges, and learning new stuff in school

What challenges and problems did the new states face?

They had to face war. Slavery and stuff like that.

What financial problems did the new nation face?

1.Paying off all war debts. 2.Raising government revenues. 3.Creating a national bank.jjj

What problems did new jersey have in 1664?

government and ilness.

The most pressing problem for the new Russian government after the Soviet Union collapsed was?

the economy

What problems were not solved by the new government in the french revolution?

Food shortage and government dept.

Which is an example of crony capitalism that has ben a feature of Russian economy since 1985?

A Russian government official gives his friend who owns a construction company a contract to build a new government office building.

What are some major problems that New York face in the 21nth century?

The budget.