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Q: What revolutionary leaders displayed civic virtue by putting the good of the nation ahead of their own interests?
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What is putting your regions interests in front of the countries?


What is Putting the needs of the community above your own interests is called?


What are Stephenie Meyer interests or hobbies?

Putting huge, disgusting blemishes in literature.

What is called putting the region or state interest's above the nations?

Putting the region or state interests above the nation is often referred to as regionalism or regional loyalty. This can lead to conflicts with national policies and priorities, as regional interests may take precedence.

What is the act of putting someone's interest s before your own?

Putting someone's interests before your own is called selflessness or altruism. It involves sacrificing your own needs or desires to prioritize the well-being of others.

How did the Massachusetts' tax policy affect farmers?

Massachusets taxes on farmers after the revolutionary war affected them by taking their lands and putting others in debt.

Who was the most famous incan leader?

Atahualpa is one of the most familiar Incan leaders in my studies. This ruler was significant in that he was one who was taken in by the Spanish explorers putting trust in them therefore putting his people and the empire at risk.

How many years does it take to become a humanitarian?

You do not have to wait. Just start putting the interests of others before your own. It doesn't pay much, but you will be a better person for it.

Will they let you volunteer as a shelter for the sole purpose of putting animals down?

Shelters usually only allow volunteers who love animals and have their best interests in mind.

Why were many African governments unstable after gaining their independance?

some governments experienced corruption and poor planning. also, many government leaders were taking the countries profits and putting them into their own personal foreign banks.

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Was the Declaration of Independence written during the Revolutionary War?

Yes, The declaration of Independance was written and signed during the Revolutionary war declaring independance from Great Britain. Later on, more fighting will commence until the Treaty of Paris marks the official ending of the war putting the DOI into action for real.