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British Guiana

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Q: What south American country used to be a crown colony of the British empire?
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What Mughal Empire was the last one to exist in the country of before the British made it a colony?


What was the world's most powerful country or empire in the world before US?

The British Empire (of whuch the many of the states of the US were a colony).

What commonwealth country begins with a k?

In 1920 Kenya became part of the British Empire when it became a British crown colony. It continued as a British crown colony until 1963 when Kenya gained its independence.

Total no's of colony of British empire?

there were 35 different colones in the british empire

What colony did the Mughal Empire became of when it fell in 1857?

When the Mughal Empire fell in 1857, it became a colony of British Empire.

What country once ruled Australia?

Australia was once a colony of Great Britain.

When the Mughal Empire fell in 1857 it became a colony of what continent?

The Empire became a colony of the British Empire (United Kingdom), so technically it was a colony of Europe.

Since your association with the British Empire as a colony has done well for us so far you should continue as a colony of the British Empire?

This isn't a question. please rephrase it.

Does the British Empire still exist as the Virgin Islands and the Falklands are still of British control?

What the last person said is wrong. The British empire is still active but by the royal blood. The British empire is still powerful but only owns 2 country's witch is Britain, Australia and New Zealand. All crossed out is wrong. No.! now there is an American Empire these are the major empires that were exist and the final one is still exist Roman Empire->Mongolian Empire->Russian Empire->British Empire->American Empire(now)

Who protected the Rhode Island colony?

The combined might of the British Empire.

In which country the British replaced the Mughal Empire?

The British replaced the Mughal Empire in India.

What was Australia originally before it became a country?

Australia was previously made up of several colonies (which became states after Federation) and subject to the authority of the British Empire. Thus, it was seen as a British colony.