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platt amendment

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Q: What things did the US insist Cuba put into its constitution?
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Who put the missiles in Cuba?

The Soviet Union.

What is a punishment put on another country that stops trade?

Taxes increase how much things cost from a different country, thereby slowing trade. But completely refusing to trade with another country is an embargo. Such as the U.S put on Cuba

Why did the Founding Fathers insist on a Bill of Rights?

The founding fathers didn't really insist on a bill of rights, the antifederalists did. Federalists were people who wanted a strong government, but antifederalists were afraid that if there was a very strong government, the states would be too weak, and that people would lose rights if the government was too powerful. So when the federalists wanted to approve the Constitution, antifederalists said they wouldn't, until the federalists put in a Bill of Rights. So the federalists added the bill of rights, so that the anti-feds would ratify the constitution.

How did the missiles get to Cuba for Cuban missile crisis?

Arrived in parts via boat from Russia. Officials in Cuba put it together.

Whose idea was it to put the missile in Cuba?

the soviet union

Where did the soviet union put missiles aimed at the us?


What was it called when the missiles were put in cuba?

it was called the Cold War

Why did Russia put missiles in Cuba?

Russia sent missiles to Cuba because Cuba was already in a conflict where the U.S had attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro. Russia took advantage of Fidel's anger and sent the missiles to Cuba in which Cuba threatened to use them against the U.S

Why was the US Constitution written not unwritten?

The British constitution was not written so there is no sort of documentation. So when declaring independence and creating a constitution for this "union" the colonist were used to having things in writing like their Charters, so to put it simple they wanted something tangible "documented"

How was the Constitution ratified?

== == The Framers of the Constitution and 9 of the 13 colonies decided to put the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.

What did Fidel Castro contribute to Cuba?

He was the brutal dictator of Cuba since 1959. He killed thousands and put people in prison for disagreeing with him.

How would you put the word constitution in a sentence?

you follow the constitution on the paper.