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"The Great Compromiser" proposed that Missouri be admitted to the Union as a slave state, which was how the state constitution was written by the Missouri convention. To pacify the North, Clay proposed that the southern boundary of Missouri be extended throught the rest of the western territory and that slavery would be forbidden forever, north of that line. This became known as the Missouri Compromise. When Missouri was admitted to the Union, Congress also agreed to detach the Maine District from Massachusetts and admit it as a free state. This protected the balance of slave and free states in the Senate.

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In order to satisfy both the northern and southern interests during the slavery conflict, he proposed a plan which was to admit California as a free state and abolish the slave trade in the District of Columbia. He also advocated paying Texas $10 million to abandon its claim to part of the New Mexico Territory. On the other hand, to persuade southerners to accept these terms, he suggested that the New Mexico Territory be divided into two territories (New Mexico and Utah) on the basis of popular sovereignty (that's when all citizens of each new territory are allowed to vote on whether to permit or ban slavery in that territory.) And finally Clay wanted Congress to pass a tougher fugitive slave law. This law would force state and local officials as well as private citizens to aid federal officials in the capture and return of escaped slaves.

This became the Compromise of 1850, which forestalled but could not prevent the US Civil War (1861-1865).

The land acquired in the Mexican cession should be established as free states.

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Yes Henry Clay did propose the Missouri Compromise and the reason was that he wanted to protect the power of the free states, the House passed a special amendment. It declared that the United States would accept Missouri as a slave state, but importing enslaved African Americans into Missouri would be illegal

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Q: What was Representative Henry Clay's proposal of 1850?
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