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None, he was not a delegate. Michael Montagne

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He acted in the right of the people. He tryed to make it so people would have rights not just the people in charge... Your welcome:)

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he supported it he supported it

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Q: What was Samuel Adams' job in the American Revolution?
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Samuel Adams job?

he work as a tax collotor and amrican revolution

What was John Adams' job before the American Revolution?

A lawyer, Boston.

What was john Adams job after the American revolution?

he became president and vice president

What was samual Adams job?

Samuel Adams made malt, used in the production of beer.

What type of job did Samuel Adams have?

He was an unsuccessful brewer, a poor buisness man but an excellent politician.

Who was given the job of writing down all the ideas of the Constitutional convention?

samuel adams

What job did Samuel Adams have?

3.TAx collector,govenor,and something else i forgot

What was besty rosses job after the American revolution?

sewing the american flag

What was George Washington's job during the American revolution what was Franklin's job at the same time?

to be a genral

What was John Jay's job before the American Revolution?

He was a judge and a diplomat.

What job did wercy have durng the American revolution?

Mercy Otis Warren, despite no formal education, was the author of a play called Adulateur in 1773. It satirized the colonial governor of Massachussetts, and foretold the revolution. She was close friends with Abigail Adams. She attempted to get the right for women to vote put into the Constitution, but was unable.

Was Samuel Adams rich or poor or middle class?

he was actually in middle class because since his parents have money, they gave him some.but he neede a job to get more