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The first 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were added to the constitution while Washington was president.

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Q: What was added to the Constitution during Washington's presidency?
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How many states were added during Zachary Taylor's presidency?

No state entered the Union during Taylor's Presidency.

What happened to the size of the US during Washingtons term?

Three states were added, for a total of 16 US states

What states were added during Franklin pierce presidency?

No states were added to the union while Pierce was president.

During the progressive movement how many ademendmets were added to the constitution?

There were four amendments added to the United States Constitution during what is known as the Progressive Era. The Constitution currently has 27 amendments.

How many states were added during Andrew Jackson's Presidency?

Two states were admitted to the Union during Jackson's Presidency: Arkansas (1836) and Muchigan (1837),

What states where there during Roosevelt's presidency?

all but Hawaii and Alaska wich were both added in 1959

What amendments were added to the US Constitution during 1908-1960?


Were any states added during Ronald Reagan's presidency?

No- Eisenhower who served some 20 years before Reagan was the last to see a state added.

What states were admitted to union during Roosevelts presidency?

Just one state was added to the US during the T Roosevelt Presidency. Oklahoma in 1907.

What state was added to the union during Taft's administration?

Two states were added to the Union during Taft's term; New Mexico & Arizona.

How many amendments have been added to the US constitution during US history?

17 Amendments were added to the bill of rights

What state was added during Jefferson's presidency?

Five states were added to the Union during Washington's presidency - North Carolina (1789), Rhode Island (1790), Vermont (1791), Kentucky (1792), and Tennessee (1796).