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Although the US entered WW 1 in its latter stages, US troops and its airforce rose to meet world power standards. Prior to its entry into the war, the US's aid to the Western allies displayed some of its economic potential as well.

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I think the most important events that helped secure the US as a great world power was one, the Monroe Doctrine, and two, the Manifest destiny. The monroe doctrine stated that no countries south of the US shoud intervene with one another. The manifest destiny was an add on stating if one country owed Another Country then they should let the US take care of it.

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it became a large and powerful country with trading links and military alliances in order to loo after its own propriety It is difficult to ignore a country that has a hand ( either intentionaly or unintentionaly) in most of the strife that happens the world over.

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These three events are probably most important in the United States History.

Its Unique Constitution was written during the Constitutional Convention of 1776; the Country really took off in its economy during the Industrial Revolution; and, World War Ishowed the World that we not only had the military might to face off with any enemy but the will power as well.

Other very notable events that could also be put as top three:

World War II is where we really took center stage as the world super power over Great Britain. The Civil War was also a very big catalyst in our History. As well as the Roaring Twenties where American wealth and prosperity really came to the forefront.

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Q: What was an important event that happened to make the US a great world power?
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