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Democratic party, which replaced the Bull Moose party

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Republican Party

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Q: What was only third party to become a major party?
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When has a third party candidate made it into office?

Washington and Andrew Johnson were the only 2 Presidents without major party affiliation,.

Why is it so difficult for third party candidates to win an election?

It takes a lot of man power and money to get elected President. Just to get on the ballot in every state requires collecting thousands of signatures in each state in timely fashion and paying fees. It takes careful organization and lots of people working together to wage a successful campaign.A third party has to compete with the two established parties and any other third parties. There is a large group of Republicans and Democrats who would never vote for anyone not supported by their party.Even if a third party candidate won he as President , hewould have a hard time dealing with Congress unless the party was also able to elect a substantial number of Congressmen and Senators along with the president. To launch all the congressional campaigns requires even more money and organization. The major parties never stop working to sign up members and collect funds for the next campaigns. They maintain a full-time paid staff even between elections. There are no term limits on Congress and many Congressmen and some senators are sure of re-election year after year.

Why does the United States have a two-party political system?

The United States has only two major parties primarily because of the first-past-the-post electoral system. The U.S. single-member district/plurality electoral system requires a party to get a majority of the votes in a district in order to win, and the winner takes it all. Coming in second (even if only by one vote) does not count, as it would in a proportional representation system. Neither the Constitution nor state laws prohibit minor parties, nor do they mandate only two major parties. One of the criticisms of the American party system is that having only two major parties oversimplifies the electoral system, presenting voters with only two choices instead of a wide range of options. The United States has two major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Minor parties do exist, such as the Green Party, which is concerned with the environment, and the Reform Party, which is concerned with reforming government and paying down the national debt. However, only one "third" party in American history (the Republican Party) became strong enough to replace one of the two major parties (the Whig Party).

Which type of minor party has been most successful in winning votes?

Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive (aka Bull Moose) party was by-far the most successful third party. They won more votes in 1912 than the Republicans did. However, they only lasted for that one election so their overall success can be questioned. The American Party (Know-Nothings) lasted about 15 years, won some seats in Congress and may have tipped the 1848 presidential election to Taylor. The Republicans started out as a third party but soon became a major party.

Are the democrats and republicans the two major political parties in the us?

Americans historically have been rather calm about politics and parties. Most people gravitate to one or the other major party depending on their background and experience, in some cases because of the family. Because of the size of the two major parties voting for a third part is equivalent of throwing your vote away. Although a third party or candidate can act as a spoiler as Ralph Nader did in the Bush Gore election. Having only two parties makes the mechanics easier, reapportionment and redistricting are easier (if not fairer). Fund raising is easier. In some governments there are 20 smaller parties and factions that a government must deal with. Two 800-lb gorillas are easier from a logistics standpoint. Given the events recently we may be witnessing the start of a split in the Republican party. The more middle-of-the-road folks feel their party has left them. This leaves the question open "Can a split party win elections ?"

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Which is the only third party to make the jump from minor to major party?

The Federalists Party!

When has a third party candidate made it into office?

Washington and Andrew Johnson were the only 2 Presidents without major party affiliation,.

Does a third party only gets a third of the vote?


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