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To give voters a stronger voice in government

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Q: What was the intent of political reforms such as the direct primary initiative refrendum and recall?
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Why did the Progressive movement support changes to the political system such as the primary initiative and referendum?

They were reforms to make the government more democratic

What were the most significant political reforms at the local and state level?

Several political reforms took place at the state level during the Progressive Era. These included the secret ballot which ensures privacy during the voting process, initiative which allows citizens to petition their legislators, the referendum, the recall and the direct primary.

What led to reforms like the initiative referendum and direct election of senators?

Progressive concern about political corruption.

What are the important elements of voting reform proposed by the progressives?

The direct primary, the initiative, referendum, and the recall. All of these reforms are currently used in the United States.

Who made political reforms in Athens?

Solon made political reforms in Athens.

What three reforms did William Ren promote?

the referendum, initiative and, the recall

What are the voting reforms recall initiative and referendum are associated with what era?

Progressive era

Which four reforms were instituted during the progressive era to give voters more power?

1. the initiative which gave voters the right to put a bill before a state legislature 2. The referendum which allowed voters to put a bill on a ballot and vote it into a law

How did the muckrakers prepare the way for political reforms?

The muckrakers prepared the way for political reforms by exposing corruption and then writing about it for the public to read.

Three progressive reforms which gave more involvement in law making to the people?

Initiative, referendum, recall

What major reform was made in russia at this time?

Political Reforms in Russia was made by the kremlin. and now putin pretty much controls the polictal reforms in russia

The progressives attempted their first political reforms?