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On May 10, 1775, the members of the Second Continental Congress met at the State House in Philadelphia. There were several new delegates including: John Hancock from Massachusetts, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, and Benjamin Franklin from Pennsylvania.

The Second Continental Congress meeting started with the battle of Lexington and Concord fresh in their memories. The New England militia were still encamped outside of Boston trying to drive the British out of Boston. The Second Continental Congress established the militia as the Continental Army to represent the thirteen states. They also elected George Washington as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.

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In the second continental congress, the Declaration was adopted.

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Q: What was the major result of the second continental congress?
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What did the second contenental congress accomplish?

The members of the Second Continental Congress were a less cautious bunch than the delegates to the First CC. Militants had taken many of the conservative places. Fighting had started and the Second Continental Congress agreed to appoint George Washington as commander of the colonial troops around Boston. He would become Commander of all the continental forces. Not yet ready to declare independence, they issued a "Declaration of the Cause and Necessity of Taking up Arms" in 1775. By June, it appeared that independence was gaining popularity and Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduced the resolution for independence from Great Britain. The Congress appointed a committee to form the Declaration of Independence, with most of the work done by Thomas Jefferson. The Congress then adopted the Declaration, acted as the government for the colonies during the war, raised an army and navy, approved the creation of the Articles of Confederation, and negotiated the peace with Great Britain

What was the most important accomplishment of the Second Continental Congress?

Major achievements of the second continental congressThey established a militia, a group of citizens who were trained as soldiers but not part of a regular Army and participated in rebellious activites.They printed and issued Paper Money to finace the war without taxing their people and starting a rebellion between themselves.Lastly, they hired the best leader they could find, who led them to many victorys and later became a president, George Washington.

The floor leader of the major party that holds fewer seats in a house of congress?

Minority Leader

True or False. In congress screening bills for floor consideration is a major duty of committee members.?


What is the legislative branch of the government of USA called?


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What was the major accomplishment of the second continental congress?

The Boston Tea Party.

In which major colonies city did the Second Continental Congress meet?


In which major city did the second continental congress meet?


What major colonial city did the second Continental congress meet in?

New York City

What major contribution did Benjamin Franklin make as a member of the Second Continental Congress?

he spied on the hessians.

What are the two major demands that came out of continental congress?

1.) Restore civil rights and raise a militia2.) Boycott all British goods

Three accomplishment of the second continental congress?

The Declaration of independence, appointing george washington as commander

What were some major events of Samuel Adams?

He signed the Declaration of Independence, the Boston Tea Party, and the First and Second Continental Congress!

What decisions were made by the First Continental Congress?

One of the Congress major decision was to endorse the Suffolk Resolves.

What decision were made the first continental congress.?

One of the Congress major decision was to endorse the Suffolk Resolves.

What major idea came from the first continental congress?

A united America was needed.

Describe the events that unfolded at the second continental congress and identify its major achievement?

On April 18-19 1775 the Revolutionary War began between the Colonists and Britain. In may the Continental congress was formed. On July 4th, 1776 the Decaration of Independence was written reflecting Britains words of freedom in their constitution. They eventually broke away from Britain and became their own colony.