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Lady Miranda

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Q: What was the name of the woman who refused Abraham Lincoln's proposal of marriage?
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Lady Catherine could hardly believe it when Elizabeth said what?

Lady Catherine could hardly believe it when Elizabeth refused Mr. Collins' marriage proposal.

Why were reconstruction policies difficult to develop?

the southerns refused to cooperate after lincolns assasination

Which presidents mother refused to sleep in lincolns bed?

Harry s Trumans mother was a confederate sympathizer and refused to sleep in loncoln's bed

What did Abraham Lincoln refused to?


Why was King Philip iii of Spain not crowned as the king of England after Mary died?

Mary never crowned him as King of England. Elizabeth took the throne from Mary after she died. She also refused Philip's marriage proposal later on.

Would would happen if cora refused Magus proposal?

If Cora refused Magus's proposal, Magus may feel rejected and disappointed. Their relationship could become strained as a result, and they may need to have a conversation to address their feelings and find a resolution for their differences.

What did Duncan and Alice do when Cora told them magua's proposal and what would happen if she refused?

they chose to die with cora.

Can two consenting adults be refused marriage for age difference?


A boy had proposed but you had refusednow you want to talk to him about the matter but you are afraidwhat to do now?

you must be brave and explain to him why you refused to his proposal

What U S President refused Sam Houston's proposal to take control of Texas in 1836?

Andrew Jackson

How do use consummate in a sentence?

He refused to consummate his arranged marriage on the grounds that he was a homosexual.

What is the location of the proposal scene in Pride and Prejudice?

There were three places in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth was proposed to. One was at Longbourne, the home of the Bennets. This was Mr. Collins proposal, which she refused. The second proposal was at Hunsford, the Collins home in Kent. This time Darcy proposed and she refused. The third proposal was while she and Darcy were walking near Longbourne. This time she accepted. The book has been adapted for film or television a number of times. The scene where Elizabeth refused Darcy in the 2005 movie was especially picturesque. This was at the Temple of Apollo at Stourhead Gardens, Warminster, Wiltshire, UK.