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Q: What was the native American participation at the fort laramie treaty meeting?
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Why did Native American nations sign the Laramie Treaty?

Federal government promised to protect their land if they settled in one place.

What is the Native American translation of vicariously?

experiencing something by imagined participation in another's experience

What are the main Indian treaties?

Some of the main Indian treaties in U.S. history include the Treaty of Hopewell (1785), the Treaty of Fort Laramie (1851), the Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868), and the Dawes Act (1887). These treaties established boundaries, reserved lands for Native American tribes, and attempted to assimilate Native Americans into mainstream American society.

What was the purpose of the treaty for fort Laramie?

The Treaty of Fort Laramie was aimed at establishing peace and defining territorial boundaries between the United States government and various Native American tribes, particularly those of the Great Plains region. It also aimed to ensure safe passage for settlers moving westward and to protect Native American lands from encroachment.

Is there any Native American Christians located in Birmingham?

I am interested in meeting someone that is part of my relatives.

What best describes the effects of the 1851 Treaty of Laramie?

The 1851 Treaty of Laramie had significant effects on Native American tribes in the Western United States. It established boundaries for tribal lands, attempted to halt intertribal conflicts, and allowed for the safe passage of settlers. However, many of the promises made in the treaty were not upheld by the US government, leading to further conflicts and displacement of Native American tribes.

Did the Native Americans oppose their decision at the fort Laramie treaty?

yes they did i have the book right over here:fatima

Can someone be Native American and a Native American?

If they are born a Native American they can be, but if not,no.

What land was guaranteed for the Native Americans in the treaty of Fort Laramie?

The Native Americans gain the Centrail plains and east of the rocky mountains. Also from Arkansas, north to Canada.

Was sequoia a native American or a native American tribe name?

sequoia was a native american

What did the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 affect technology?

It gave both, White men and Native Americans equal rights

Who was the radical Native American group that called for Native American lands to be returned?

The radical Native American group that called for Native American lands to be returned is the American Indian Movement.