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Guarnatee loan

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Q: What was the role of the fha in helping individual families afford housing?
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Did immigrants in America have to pay for housing?

Yes. That is part of the reason why there are places like German Town, Little Italy, China town, etc. Because groups of immigrants would clump together in housing that they could afford.

What was the cause of the limited diversity in the suburbs?

Only white families could afford to buy a house in the suburbs.

Why was the national housing act started?

they had to pass this act because people where to broke to afford some place to live so they thought of mortage and renting just like we have now a days.They told the fovernment and the government passed the law and it will be known as the national housing act.

Why was the the first poll tax made?

it was created so blacks could not vote. (as you know many blacks were poor and didn't have enough money to support their families so how in the world could they afford to vote) it was just one of many laws to deprive African Americans of their rights

What Great Society programs are still in effect?

Medicaid, Medicare, and The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are in effect today. I typed "elementary and secondary education act" into Google and came up with the Department of Education page on the Act of 1965 and 2001 - it turned into No Child Left Behind. Overall, Medicare and Medicaid are probably of the highest impact, especially Medicare. My reasoning is that Medicare is for all older people regardless of their socioeconomic status, and it helps so many. Today I think there are very few people who could afford all their medical needs on their retirement savings, social security, and/or pensions. My grandmother had major surgery a few years ago, and between Medicare and her other insurance it was completely free. That takes much stress away from older people. It also takes stress off of their families, who may not be able to support elderly family they are responsible for. My grandfather lives with my uncle's family. And while they are middle class, there is no way they could afford his medical care. However, Medicare covers his diabetic supplies and doctor's visits. Medicare really helps everyone in a sort of trickle down way.HUD, though, is also helping many people in this economy and is probably a close second. If you read their website - - they have many programs to help people get and keep their homes. Housing and medical care are two of the most important things in anyone's life.

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Many working-class families lived in slums because?

They could not afford to live anywhere else.

How many families in Canada can afford food?

2 in 4 families in Canada can afford food. This is called Poverty

Results from the fact that housing is expensive and time consuming to build?

the supply of housing is inelastic -Apex-

Why were royal families the only families that could live in castles?

Because they where the only ones that could afford it

How does Africa help the US?

Well, the U.S. helps Africa by helping children in need and we provide food for families but Africa can't afford to help the wealthier countries because Africa is a third world country. Well...Africa probably brings more culture into the U.S. But, they can't afford to help us.

Is there high demand for housing development jobs?

Housing management jobs are in demand, but it depends on the location. Normally locations with higher class people will have more housing management jobs available because it is something they can afford.

Which of the following assists low-income, elderly, and disabled persons to afford modest housing of their choosing?

Housing Choice Voucher Program

When determining housing cost's it is important to choose a rental unit one can?


Why are so many people in the UK homeless?

The UK is economically depressed, which has two consequences for homelessness. There are more people who cannot afford to pay for their own housing, and there is also less tax revenue with which to pay for public housing programs to help people who are otherwise unable to afford housing.

What are the benefits received from taxes?

helps people who cant afford things for their families.

Causes of housing problems?

the ROOT cause of housing problem is the OVERPOPULATION..why? because house is in the physiological needs of man and due to this the demands of house is raising and if they cannot afford to put up or there is no vacancy of location though you can afford to buy and established...

Why is it that there is a housing problem?

Housing problems occur when the government gets involved and forces lending practices that allow people to purchase homes they cannot afford.