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In 1635 the first school law was passed to have schools in the colonies when a colony reached a specific population.

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Q: What was the system called set up for establishing schools and made education mandatory?
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What is someone who focused on government and education called?

focused on government and education what do they call these person?

What was brown versus the board of education about?

This was a major case because it ended segregation in America. In 1896, the Supreme Court had ruled in Plessy vs Ferguson that "separate but equal" was acceptable. Sadly, while much of America was separate, it was not equal. To cite one example, black children often went to the worst schools, with old books, poorly paid and poorly trained teachers, and little access to the courses they would need to move up in the world. In 1954, the case called Brown vs the Board of Education challenged the idea that black kids had to go to black schools, even if those schools lacked the courses necessary for getting into college. The Supreme Court ruled that states could no longer segregate black children and give them an inferior education. While it took a few years for the ruling to be implemented, it led to integrated schools, and more importantly, in provided greater opportunities for black students who wanted to go to college.

How did the Northwest ordances affect education?

the northwest ordinance of 1787 affeted education by stating that it shall forever be encouraged in the territories and that a certain percentage of all sales within the territories shall go to fund public schooling within the territory. this, however led to an extremely loccalized standard of shool funding. a poor area, which doesn't sell much would have a much poorer(and lower standards) school than a merchant hub which has a better funded school.

Why the article II often called the executive article?

It establishes the Executive Branch. Namely the office of President and Vice President. It also leaves the possibility of establishing executive departments.

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Do kids get education in a reformatory?

Yes and no. By law, most juvenile detention centers (which are usually not called "reformatories") are supposed to have educational programs for residents, but the quality of these programs varies. Some so-called "reform schools" have only tutoring, while others have mandatory classes with teachers. But it depends on the state and on the facility.

What is the definition of Postsecondary School?

A postsecondary school refers to any educational institution that offers programs beyond high school, such as colleges, universities, vocational schools, and trade schools. These institutions provide specialized training or education to students who have completed their secondary education.

How many types of schools did the ancient Greeks have?

In ancient Greece, there were mainly three types of schools. Primary schools called "grammata" were attended by boys and girls where they received basic education in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Secondary schools known as "gymnasiums" were exclusive to boys and focused on physical education and a broader curriculum. Lastly, higher education institutions called "academies" or "philosophical schools" were attended by the elite and offered a more specialized education in philosophy, mathematics, and other subjects.

What online colleges offer special education degree programs?

A quick search of online school for Special Education degrees will give you hundreds to chose from. There is a site called "Guide To Online Schools" will give you a list of over 600 online schools offering special education degrees.

What are schools called that train those going into priesthood?

Schools that train individuals for the priesthood are typically called seminaries or theological seminaries. These schools provide religious education and training for those seeking to become priests or clergy members in various religious traditions.

What carpentry schools have won a national award?

Arkansas Carpentry Schools have won a national award in 2007. The award they won is called Physical Education Distinguished Service Award.

What type of education or knowledge did the Aztecs use?

The Aztecs had a highly structured education system. Boys and girls were educated separately, with boys attending schools called calmecac and girls attending schools called telpochcalli. Education focused on practical skills, such as farming and craftsmanship, as well as religious and moral teachings. Oral tradition played a significant role in transmitting knowledge, but pictorial books called codices were also used for instruction.

What were school authorities called on to do in the courts decision in brown vs board of education of Topeka Kansas?

Following the Brown v. Board of Education case, schools had to allow black and white pupils to have an education together. They could no longer be separated into different schools. Black and white children had to be given the same, equal opportunities.

How long must students in Russia attend school?

Schools in Russia give students the general education. Schools which give only the standard course of general education , are called simply " high schools " or secondary school. Schools that provide deep knowledge in specific subjects are named differently ( "school with subjects ", " lycée " or "high school " ,"gymnasium"). Education in public schools (including schools with subjects ) is officially free . Currently a full course of study in Russian schools is 11 years. School course is divided into three stages , officially referred to as " elementary school ", " primary school " and " high school ." • I- phase ( primary general education ) - 4 years; • II - stage ( basic general education ) - 5 years ; • III - stage ( secondary (complete ) general education ) - 2 years .

Schools established by Charlemagne were?

Charlemagne established schools called palace schools at his court in Aachen and supported the spread of education and literacy across the Carolingian Empire. These schools were instrumental in promoting cultural and intellectual growth during his reign and helped to preserve important texts from antiquity.

What did the Aztec do for school?

Aztec children attended schools known as calmecac for formal education. In these schools, they learned subjects like history, religion, and philosophy, as well as vocational skills like farming and weaving. Education was primarily for the elite class, while commoners received basic training in community schools called telpochcalli.

Why tertiary education is called tertiary?

Tertiary education is called tertiary because it follows primary and secondary education in the educational hierarchy. It refers to the third stage of education, typically higher education including universities, colleges, and vocational schools.