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There aren't any. :P

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Q: What were famous quotes by James w fannin?
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When was James W. Hamer House created?

James W. Hamer House was created in 1910.

Which president had a size 14 shoe?

George W. Bush has the largest foot and a mouth sized to accommodate it.

Who of the 14 US presidents who were never in the military were in office during a war or conflict?

James Madison, James Polk, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and George W. Bush were never in the military, but were in office during war or major military conflict.

How many presidents were veterans in wars and which wars did they fight in?

I don't have them all, but I know for sure: George Washington - American Revolution Andrew Jackson - 1812 Zachary Taylor - 1812 Ulysses Grant - Civil War Theodore Roosevelt - Spanish American War Dwight D. Eisenhower - WWII John F. Kennedy- WWII James Earl Carter George H.W. Bush - WWII George W. Bush all of them (Presidents and Vice Presidents): John F Kennedy Dwight D Eisenhower George Bush Sr. George W Bush George Washington Zachary Taylor Teddy Roosevelt Andrew Jackson William Harrison James Garfield Rutherford B Hayes Benjamin Harrison Franklin Pierce Chester A Arthur Andrew Johnson James Madison James Polk James Monroe Lyndon B Johnson Thomas Jefferson William McKinley John Tyler Abe Lincoln James Filmore James Buchanan Ulysses S Grant Lyndon Johnson Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Harry Truman Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter info above form

Was George Washington a philosopher?

yes George W. Bush was one of the famous owner of a philosopher stone. There were not many, this was only proven after his time of presidency during an inspection of his wooden drawer.

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captain james cook w

When was James Faninn born?

James Walker Fannin was born in early 1804 in Georgia. He was adopted by his maternal grandfather, James W. Walker, and raised on a plantation near Marion. Hope this helps :)

What are 2 famous quotes used during the townshend act?


Why was James W Marshall famous?

he is famous because he discovered gold.

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When did James W. W. Birch die?

James W. W. Birch died on 1875-11-02.

When was James W. W. Birch born?

James W. W. Birch was born on 1826-04-03.

When was James W. Wilkin born?

James W. Wilkin was born in 1762.

When did James W. Singleton die?

James W. Singleton died in 1892.

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James W. Knight died in 2005.

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James W. Knight was born in 1925.

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James W. Horne was born in 1880.