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  1. Well the Loyalists are talkative, social, empathetic, and are good listeners. They have a quote: "I am loyal, and you are traitors!"
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Q: What were some characteristics of loyalists?
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Where did some loyalists move after the America revolution?

The loyalists went back to Great Britain

Were some loyalists wealthy?


Facts about loyalists?

Loyalists were people who were loyal to the King and didn't find a reason to fight for independence. 20% of colonists were loyalists. Their nicknames were tories, royalists, and king's men. Some loyalists were killed by patriots.

When did the loyalists get kicked out?

If you mean the 'loyalists', which were pro-British colonists during the American Revolution, then they were never kicked out. Some were considered unpatriotic, which was only true in some cases, but most loyalists stayed in the colonies and were declared Americans after the war.

Why was the battle of Lexington and concord an accident?

some of them did, the ones that were on the American side, but there were also loyalists. the loyalists were on the british kings side

What are some quotes by famous loyalists?

"I am loyal and you are traitors!"

What are some nicknames for the loyalists?

In the American Revolution, loyalists were sometimes called "Tories," after the British political party that favored tradition and conservatism.

What type of jobs did loyalists have?

Loyalists had a variety of jobs, including merchants, tradespeople, lawyers, clergy, and farmers. Some loyalists held positions in government, the military, or were involved in other professions such as medicine and education.

Which colonist did not consider unfair taxes a reason to fight?

There were many colonists who didn't think taxes were a good reason for American independence, some were relatives of famous Patriots.The colonists who still remained loyal to Britain, even after the taxes, are called Loyalists.

How did loyalists react to the sugar act?

They reacted happy because the king and the loyalists thought since king sent troops to help them he deserved some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Supported great Britain after the sining of the Declaration of Independence?

Those who remained loyal to Britain were known as loyalists, or United Empire Loyalists.

How the loyalists felt about the American Revolution?

some were happy some were against it