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Q: What were the anti-federalists promised after they changed from opponents to supporters of the constitution?
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Why might it be important to have a bill of right that guarantees basic rights?

The delegates signed the new Constitution on September 17,1787. In order to become law, however, the Constitution required approval by conventions in at least 9 of the 13 states. These conventions were marked by a sharp debate. Supporters of the Constitution were called Federalists. They argued in their famous book, the Federalist Papers, that the new government would provide a better balance between national and state powers. Their opponents, the Antifederalists, feared that Constitution gave the central governmant too much power. They also wanted a Bill of Rights to protect the rights of individual citizens. In order to gain support, the Federalists promised to add a bill of rights to the Constitution. This promise cleared the way to approval. Congress formally added to the Constitution the ten amendments know as the Bill of Rights. These amendments protected such basic rights as freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion.Many of these rights have been advocated by Voltaire, Rousseau, and Locke.

What convinced some states to ratify the constitution?

The delegates to the state ratifying convention said they would be more willing to agree to the Constitution if a list of fights was added to it. So supporters of the Constitution promised that after it was ratified, a bill of rights would be added.

What key concession at the Federalist made to ensure the constitution would be ratified?

They promised to support key ammendments to the Constitution.

What were some of the rights promised by the west jersey constitution?

west jersey promised religious freedom

What did the Athenian promise to do in their oath?

They promised to protect their constitution!

What did the Athenian soldiers promise to do in the oath?

They promised to protect their constitution!

In order to win ratification of the US constitution supporters agreed to?

Alexander Hamilton promised a Bill of Rights would be added to the Constitution, which would be ten amendments promising basic rights to the people. James Madison went through hundreds of proposals and chose ten that related to the things England deprived Americans from that eventually led to the war, and added them to the constitution as the "Bill of Rights"

What promise helped get the constitution ratifed?

they promised that if the constitution was adopted, the government would add a bill of rights to it.

To win Massachusetts the federalist promised to support an amendment?

Federalists promised to attach a bill of rights to the Constitution once it was ratified.

What were the positions of each toward ratification?

The debates over ratification of the Constitution represent the most important and intellectually sophisticated public debates in American history. On the one side, the supporters of the Constitution, or "Federalists," argued that the nation desperately needed a stronger national government to bring order, stability and unity to its efforts to find its way in an increasingly complicated world. Opponents of the Constitution, or "Antifederalists," countered that the governments of the states were strong enough to realize the objectives of each state. Any government that diminished the power of the states, as the new Constitution surely promised to do, would also diminish the ability of each state to meet the needs of its citizens. More dramatically, the Antifederalists argued that the new national government, far removed from the people, would be all to quick to compromise their rights and liberties in the name of establishing order and unity.A handful of men on each side of the debate became the central figures in an extensive public discussion about the proposed Constitution, publishing a series of widely-published and carefully read articles explaining their positions. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, writing under the pseudonym Publius, wrote dozens of articles supporting the Constitution which are now collectively referred to as The Federalist Papers. Articles written in response by George Mason, Elbridge Gerry and Patrick Henry are, appropriately, known as the Antifederalist Papers. While these writings are the best known and most widely read today, there were hundreds, even thousands of others who joined in the debates through public argument or speech-making and by writing articles, letters and pamphlets.

To address concerns thet the constitution failed to safeguard individual libertiesSupporters of the constitution promised the passage of?

The Articles of Confederation

What was one concession the federalist made to ensure the constitution would be ratify?

They promised to support key ammendments to the Constitution.